Tips on using climate controlled storage

Tips on using climate controlled storage

When you unlock your precious items in a storage device you want to be absolutely sure that they are safe. Our storage devices are one hundred percent safe from theft and harmful damage. But some things are vulnerable in other ways. Delicate items like paper photographs and clothes can be damaged by extreme temperatures humid conditions and other environmental effects. Fortunately we also offer a solution to this problem.

Climate controlled units are air conditioned to ensure a constant temperature within. This makes them ideal for storing sensitive objects. Such as photographs discs records electronics pictures files antiques and more.

But thats not all. Our climate controlled units are also built into an indoor building. This helps keep them at a constant temperature. It also keeps them much cleaner and free from dust. With more doors that protect your objects from the outside world the environment inside your storage device should be as clean as you left it. This also provides increased security as well as additional lighting around the devices.

If you are considering using one of our climate controlled storage devices there are a few things to consider.

When deciding whether to use climate controlled storage consider the following:

First your geographical area. If you live in a changing climate temperature control will become more important. Climate controlled units are available in most of our locations.

Accessibility is always important as well. If you need regular access to your storage device make sure its nearby. All our locations are selected to be easily accessible to the customers.

What are you going to store? Typically the items stored in this type of device are valuable items such as antique furniture art and musical instruments electrical products like computers and sensitive objects such as video clips CDs and DVDs and photographs. These items can all be damaged by changes in temperature and humid conditions. Wood can shed if it is stored incorrectly and the photos can fade. Pharmaceutical companies also use our climate controlled devices for obvious reasons. Companies have also found that this is the perfect way to store their archive documents. The life of paper can more than double when stored under the correct conditions.

Place. Is your storage unit on the first floor? If not will you need a lift to securely carry your inventory to your storage device?

Of course even the use of climate controlled storage can not completely protect your items. How to save the objects can also have a big effect. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your climate controlled storage device and to help keep your valuables in top condition.

Keep the boxes away from the floor. This protects them against the risk of accidental flooding. When the boxes are elevated from the ground they will also benefit more from the climate control system as the air will flow more freely around them.

Cover items with dust pads. The reasons for this are obvious. Even in a climate controlled unit dust can be a problem.

Stack boxes properly. Make sure heavy objects are stored under lighter objects so that they do not fall or damage the objects beneath them.

There are many uses for self storage devices. Many of these uses are documented at Ray Self Storage. Author John Ramallo is a free lance writer who has studied the self preservation industry for several years. He has written several articles on the best uses for climate controlled storage devices. You will be surprised at some of the things he found.

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